A Dead Giveaway at San Diego Sports Arena

On Saturday, April 1, Sean's band "A Dead Giveaway" appeared on the main stage in the San Diego Sports Arena as part of the "Taste of Chaos" tour. Taste of Chaos is a 2-month coast-to-coast show of the country's top alternative rock bands. Headliners included The Used, My Chemical Romance, Killswitch Engage, and Senses Fail (you all know them, right?). The Sports Arena show was sold out at 11,400 people, and tickets were going on Ebay for over $100, so I guess a lot of people do know them!

A Dead Giveaway won a spot to appear at the San Diego stop of the tour by an internet vote sponsored by MySpace.com (another must-know these days!), and beat out over 30 other local bands in the voting.

They played an acoustic set (nice!), playing for about 15 minutes. (That's the way shows are these days - lots of bands, even the headliner sets were only 30 minutes each). They actually played the main stage with all the other bands! They played early as people were still coming in, so they probably had 2000 people there or so. They did really great, and had a super response.

Video cameras weren't allowed, but I got a low-quality clip with my camera phone. That's Sean doing all the singing and talking:

Here are some pix, also from my phone. We should have some better stills soon.