Video of Joe in Sha Na Na at Fillmore East, NYC, summer of 1969

A fan of the Corvettes, and Sha Na Na, sent me this video. I subsequently traced its history - it was shot on 8mm movie film at Fillmore East, probably on September 26, 1969, by a Sha Na Na fan and friend - actually an acquaintence of one of the band member's girlfriend at the time. Years later, he converted the movie film to video. Like most old home movie cameras, no sound was recorded. The cameraman passed away a few years back, but I had a very warm email from his wife (also formerly a fan) about the video's history.

Since there was no sound, I took the sound from the Sha Na Na album, also from 1969, featuring me singing the same song, and put them together. The movie was not continuous, so it doesn't really match, but the effect is there. By the end of the song, the video is on to the next song, which was "Little Darling".

I was 20 years old:

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