Real2Real Records Store!

This is inside the Epicentre, one of the two all-age venues for concerts in the San Diego area. Brian is on the Venue Council, and is also a per diem employee paid as a sound engineer, recording live concerts in their on-site studio, which is very serious! The venue is run by Harmonium, Inc, a non-profit company whose aim is to provide constructive activities for area youth - a good thing!

Brian, (actually Wingnut Media Group, Inc, his corporation), is contracting with Harmonium to run the store. Its his own business, not theirs. They are providing the space (rent-free!!), and they get a percentage of the gross sales (small, 5% or something). His lawyer is doing the contract with Harmonium. He has commercial insurance. We put in (cheap) video surveillance and alarms (the door into the store from the venue locks it off.) Brian and Heidi's dad built the CD racks, and we all helped with the posters and decorating, such as it is... fun!

Epicentre also has an after-school program 3-6pm M-F, and the store will be open then, as well as for evening concerts, which average 2-3 per week. There are local, as well as major national acts appearing there. Brian is manning the store at first, but the Real2Reel Records Street Team has many volunteers ready to help. Brian has stocked the store with major label CDs, but the money will be in consignments from local bands, merchandise, and creative things (ear plugs cost 15 cents a pair, and can be sold at concerts for $2!).

Unofficial opening was today (Nov 15, 2004). Pix show preparations the day before.

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