A Dead Giveaway Wins The Lottery - Music Video in Hollywood!

Here It Is:

Sean's band A Dead Giveaway was recently contacted on MySpace by a fan who is graduating from The Los Angeles Film School on Sunset and Vine, next to the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Seems he needed a senior project and liked their music - he asked if they wanted to be in a music video.

They have spent the past four days in Hollywood filming at a state-of-the-art soundstage with the same Sony HDCam used to film Star Wars II and III - over a quarter of a mil! They told us the rule of thumb is a day of filming per minute of video, at $1000 a day (price for the film students who get the facility and much of the equipment free) . It would be $100K to buy this! It's for the producer (student)'s portfolio, and he totally benefits from any success the band has - it's theirs to use for their promotion as much as they can! AWESOME!!

- Sean on ALL the vocals, and he did the recording. This was done in our home studio. The video was made along with playback of this track on the soundstage for sync.

They shoot brief pieces at a time, in pre-arranged sequence, and edit later. The pre-recorded song is played back over monitors and they perform to it.
Sound is recorded only for crowd noises. The drummer plays along for real so it looks real - everyone else is just doing the moves.

This is only one stage set - they also did a "sitting in a living room", sitting in a theater, and I think a few others.

Here's 8 minutes of video I took (with my very feeble video camera!!) at their session (only a half day out of 4 days!) shooting the video.Brian and Carol are there (I'm taking the pix). Brian's girlfriend Nicole is the pretty short Filipino girl wearing a very pale blue sweater with shoulder-length brown hair (4:55). Sean's girlfriend Ashely (3 years!) is wearing a light pink top (above, and at 0:08 and 5:00).

(times show in Windows player only)

Should be edited in a few weeks, and should be AWESOME!

This is a Windows Media file - not sure how it will fare on Mac...

Here is QUICKTIME version: